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First Smoker

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I just joined this forum and have posted in the Roll call yesterday.
I have decided to purchase a GOSM as my first smoker.
My question is do I need to season this smoker prior to using it? And if so, which is the best way?
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yes, it needs to be cured.........when i got my new horz., i bout a lb of lard, rubbed down the entire inside, and ran a load of charchol thru it, as hot as i could get it..........
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Hey Kid,
All I did was wipe down the inside of mine with Veg oil, or you could spray it with Pam then light it. Make sure the chip pan is out, wipe the chip pan down and fill it about halfway with chips then when the smoker gets to 200+ put in the chips and let it smoke out. When the smoke stops flowing shut her down and Viola you have a seasoned smoker. GOSM is a good choice, I almost got one of those myself. THe reason I went with the Cabelas is I got a bunch of giftcards for christmas. I have to say though I recommend stainless.

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Make sure you get the wide body!!
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Longshot has it goin' on. I just seasoned my GOSM big block, now that I've done the mods that effect the cabinet. Now working on something else, I'll post soon.
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Being cheap, and very good at it, I save used turkey frying grease for the express purpose of seasoning new rigs. Paint it on. If you aren't quite so cheap,or don't have any old grease on hand, lard is your best option.
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Definitly season. I rubbed with light coat of evoo then added wood chips and let smoke about 2-3 hours. Below is a few easy mods to help ya out a little to. I sealed the door with flat gasket,added a damper to each side and a pitcock setup to lower amount of fuel to get lower temps for jerkey and such. Hope they help you as they did for me!!!!!!!!

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