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Posting pictures in the message body

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I have revised the "Posting pics tutorial". If there is anything that anyone feels I should add or clarify on, Please let me know.

you can use the test area to test your pics.

Test area click here
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Thanks Glued2it...

I will try go back and try what you mentioned on posting pics with the [img] tags.

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Looks good. The only thing I would add it to go to the OPTIONS setting in Photobucket and choose 800 x 600 OR smaller for photo posting size. This will keep members from having to scroll right to view all of photo and read all of text.
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Yep, just found that out

I finally got it figured out, but Flash, your right, I edited my post earlier on using Weedburners and was successful but like you say, I have to scroll right to see it all, so I will take your advice and use the 800x600 size.

Thanks to all who have been coaching me along:-)
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Bratty Pork Pizza

Here is a practice upload of some leftovers, Bratty Pork Pizza meaning Brisket, Fatty, pulled Pork, on fresh dough:-)

Here goes......

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I added it.
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Any more suggestions?icon_idea.gif
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I'd like to suggest that Steve share his pizza recipe. That looks great. Thanks for the tutorial glued. That actually cleared up several questions I had.
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I agree on the pizza recipe!

your welcome!
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I guess I covered everything then!
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I have a question! Hey IT, how do I get pics of neighbors wife on a voyeur site? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Start with a camera that has a good zoom! Then email them to me!
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Pizza versus Neighbors wife?

Well, if you want that recipe, I ain't gonna trade it for a picture of my neighbors wife--no way---last time I saw her, she was sniffing around my grease drain.
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computers for dummies

Thanks for the tute . still dont get it. This is how you post a q-view ? yikes ! or are we talking about something else ? Want to post q-views but havnt figured it out yet .icon_question.gif I knw I could just ask on this site but I'm one of those who likes to try and figure stuff out to the point of turning my laptop into a frisbee !!!!
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it's the popular way to post pics.

you can also upload thumbnails.

click the down arrow by the paperclip.

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I just wish I could tell which jpg, doc, gif, etc. I am looking at. The dialog box needs thumbs or at least file names, maybe?
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on a pc you can right click and select "view tumbnails" Don't know about a mac.
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