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I'm Still Alive!

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Hey, y'all!~

Aside from my usual winter occupational duties I have been having a few 'puter problems. Think I have it all squared away now just in time for the next round of flow snurries, er, uhhh, flursnowies, oh what the heck! Y'all know what I mean!

All kidding aside I have done as well as I could in trying to keep up with the goings on and have even decimated a couple of spammers. 'Puter problems have made it a bit difficult as well as time constraints.

Will be back on track soon!

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Good to see you again Monty! Brrr!
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Glad your are ok, thanks for checking in.
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Glad to see you back Monty. Getting freezing drizzle here tonight, sposed to change to snow later tonight. Hope everything straightens out here and out your way soon.
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glad to have u back-if u or rich needs points to help I give my 2.
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Way to go Monty PDT_Armataz_01_39.gif
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Good to see you Monty, you've been missed!
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