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First beef roast smoke planned

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After seeing Capt. Dans chuck roast, I wanna do my own chuckie this weekend. Here is my plan:

Wet my hands with Worcestershire sauce, and handle the roast.
Wait a couple hours and do the same with some olive oil. Both times just enough to get the stuff on there but not drowning it.
Then lightly dust with Montreal steak seasoning (absolutely love the stuff).
Wrap and set overnight, about 8-12 hours.
Smoke (w/charcoal) low and slow with hickory wood till meat hits 140-150, foil till about 190 and remove and rest a bit.

It'll be a 'this coming weekend' thing so I'll repost results after I get it done. Might do another pork butt in tandom. We really liked my first try and I know I can improve on it smile.gif . The apple juice/liquor misting will go this time!
Appreciate any honest feed back be it negative or positive. I am learning and know how to handle advice...
Mark A.
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Good luck on the roast, sounds like you have it handled. Looking forward to your QView !!!
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Hey Mark, Thanks for the "EGO Stroke". Glad I inspired anyone these days!icon_razz.gif
How big roast ya gonna do? Ya loose about 40-50 percent of the weight doing the cook. If ya are doin a lil guy like the one I did yesterday, I would try to sear it on each face like I did. If you do that, make sure your seasoning/rub is low in sugar content.If ya do one that is 6 lbs or bigger, I would just go with your plan that you have listed. Lookin forward to your experience and pics. Looks like it is gonna be another cold weekend for smokin!PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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