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Birds for a cold winter day

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Fired up the Smoke Vault today, temps weren;t too bad, low 20's.

Smoked up a turkey breast, a roaster chicken and some hot italian turkey sausage that will become sausage and peppers,

Brined the birds in a mix of water, salt, brown sugar, rosemary,cbp, maple syrup and low acid orange juice.

Smoked with a mix of orange, cherry and apple which I'm going to call a fruit cocktail, lol and preburned in my new weber charcoal chimney.
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Looks real good Ron!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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OOOHHH MMMYYY!!! Those are some pretty birds!!!

Ouch that looks good!!!

Move that skin and start cut'n! I want to see the meat!!

LETS GO!!! HURRY UP!!! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Looks great Ron!
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Great looking Q you've got there! Nice selection od smokin' woods too. Congrats Ron.
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Just for you here is the meat!
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It all looks great. Somebody needs to come up with a scratch and sniff screen.
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we need smellavision
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Nice looking color there, Ron... Hmmm where ya get the orange wood? I was supposed to have a few pounds sent to me, but I dunno what happened with that. I wanna try some of it tho.
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Fine looking grub Ron!
Don't you love the smoked sausage and peppers????!! One of my favorites.
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