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thats all i see, to using foil..........i can see maybe smoking for couple hours........then putting in a foil collect juices, while at teh same time, leaving the butt exposed to the smoke........
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In my experience, Foiling has produced more tender and juicer butts.
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No opinion to add about foiling or pulling, but that is one tasty looking butt.
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i brine jeremy..........that in itself, gives me a tender juicy i said earlier........and as geek seems to make the butt harder to pull......this time the bone didin't just fall out........had to do some pretty serious tuggin on it to get it to pull out..........all my others, the bone just fell out.........
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I never had one that didn't fall apart every time I touched it. I have yet been able to pick one up whole.
Foiling causing it to be harder to pull? That's a new one for me.

I wonder what happened with butt and why the bone didn't fall out.
I wonder if it's the brining.

I carefully select my butts when purchasing one. I fell the bone and feel the meat seeing how well it moves around. Some are softer than others because of the higher fat content.
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i have brined every butt from day i dont think thats it.......the ONLY thing different i did this time, was foiling.........

d88de shrugs
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glued shrugs too.PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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Nice lookin grub Dude.
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Must be the farmer beat that pig every day!icon_cry.gif
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capt.....when i was reading up on pancetti and prosciutto, they mention beating the hams with clubs to TENDERIZE, i believe, the meat.........its called massaging eek.gif
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I gues beating your meat can be good in some casesicon_eek.gif
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Looks great even if it was hard to pull....
The last butt i did i just rubbed and put on smoker - smoked with a mix of apple and cherry... at 140* i started sprayin a little apple juice and worchestershire mix... at 165* i foiled... at 197* pulled it off the smoker- left it in the foil wrapped in a bath towel- put it in a cooler for an hour- it was the best one i've done so far!! I think this is right on Meowey's instructions or pretty darn close!!
i opened it up and the thing was all split open and fallin apart!! the bone was clean as a whistle! I had some SouthFlaQuer's finshing sauce!! MMMMM good stuff!!
Wife and i put on potatoe rolls with a little of Jeff's que sauce!! i ate so much i was uncomfortable!!
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I don't believe I've heard a good argument for brining red meat ... slow & low is all that is needed. In my humble opinion!
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but isn't pork, considered the OTHER white meat? Its not a red meat per say

try it sometime..........
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Having just looked up some info on the subject ... I just might try it someday!
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