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First stuffed fatty q-view

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Here is my first stuffed fatty. I gotta say it was fantastic. JD regular sausage 2 diced Japs mixed into the meat. stuffed with cheese and mushrooms seasoned in and out with Tony Cacheres (finally had a cajun friend infom me it is pronounced satch-er-ies not cashiers. I know silly yankee) here is the proof
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Looks fantastic Longshot!
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Good looking fattys Longshot,made one myself yesterday,can't wait to make them again.biggrin.gif
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Looks good LS. Real goodPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking fatty Longshot.

Smoke on.

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Great looking fatty Longshot. Having one for supper tonight myself.
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great looking fatty & abt's, yesterday I stuffed a few with bbq pulled pork,a few with taco meat & cheese & a few with marinated artichoke & garlic-bacon wrapped-yumm!! ya after yours,you gonna be hooked Keith,have fun.
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Looks very tasty, mmm I can smell it from here.
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Oh yea , that looks tasty!
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nice job, good combination of ingredients!
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Your Q Views are the banquet of my eyes... and taste buds too! Great job my friend.
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That made my mouth water big TIME !!
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Very Nice!

Hey Longshot - how do you like that 48" Cabelas smoker? Do you happen to have a cover for it that goes all the way down to the ground?
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I'll be trying that one,wish I could be trying it now
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Thanks all, I am having the time of my life with this smoker! My cardiologist is gonna love it too!! I wonder if I can bribe him with smoked goods to add smoked goods to the "heart healthy" list!!
Devolutionist, I am extremely happy with the smoker. I don't have a cover for it at the moment but I keep it under my deck cover up against the house. So the only moisture it gets is the dog licking it!!! OK I might have licked it once, but only once!!

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Sample request please!! that looks sooooo good!
Keep up the good work!
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