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STarting smokers with Propane Weed Killer?

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Is anyone using propane weed killers to start wood or charcoal. If so do the self contained ones you screww a bottle into work?
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i am thinking you are talking a weed burner........yeah......its done here all the time.........and from what i have seen........yeah the screw in type......but hey......i live in iowa...............
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sounds like too many chemicals!!!!! Just get a charcoal chimney at walmart or most anywhere, all you need is newspaper
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i use a chimney........BUT.......newpaper........with all the ink in it.........hmmmmm

if you are starting a stick burner.......using STICKS.........weed burner rox

chimney won't help there
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I use one that looks a lot like this...


It works great on my horizontal wood burner. I also take it camping to start the wood in the fire ring.

I love it.smile.gif
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cowgirl and others
Where I am from we call that a Big Bertha, use it for starting ditches on fire.
I use just a small handheld propane torch to start charcoal in a chimney starter.
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Propane Starter?

I installed a propane burner in my model 60 Lang. I got a cast iron restaurant oven tube burner and drilled a 2 inch or so hole through the box below the wood grate, welded a pipe fitting, and made a wing nut type clamp to hold it in place, then connected the gas valve externally with a large 4 inch washer for a heat shield. If your interested, I can upload a picture of it for you.

It works awesome, I am ready to cook with my hardwood blazing in 15 minutes, no kindling, no newspaper. Also, I can keep the smoker at 175 to 200 degrees without wood if I choose to back off the smoke at the end of the cook or for warming foods, jerky, whatever:-)

Hope this helps,

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works good to get the snow off the drive! !PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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I'm from Mesa, Az. I understand cold (just a little bit), but what is this "snow"?
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Dude, the inks used to print newspapers are SOY based. Have been for years.
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I fill a chimney with lump and place it on my 170 BTU turkey fryer, (Cajun Cooker) burner, that thing lights up the charcoal in under a minute! Dump that in the firebox and put my sticks on top. Works for me anyway.
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Lol...... shawnr5, you made me damn near laugh myself off my chair.

I don't see any harm in using either a propane torch or weed burner. Let people use propane for grilling and heating all the time. So I don't think its a big issue. Just my two cents........

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Steve, if you wouldn't mind, I am looking at doing something along those lines with the burner. Any pics would be great
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Propane Burner pictures

I will attempt to post the firebox modifications I made to my Lang below. The only thing the pic won't show is the heat shield that was installed after they were taken:-) Hope this helps.

If there is interests, Maybe in the future, I can start a thread called Lang Modifications, because I have quite a few, including two burners located over the wood storage rack for frying or boiling and a quick disconnect propane receptacle for plugging in an additional grill, etc

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I thought i understood what you had done but this helps. The pics confirm my thoughts so was big help. By the way, I have a duel burner Camp Chef stove I always carried with me. I didnt mount it permanent for flexibility such as fish fries, cawfish boils ect where just needed the stove.
Thanks again
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Your welcome Rick,

The Natty Light was empty, I think, cause I would never put one near an open flame:-)
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Steve, that sure is a nice set up. Thanks for the pictures.smile.gif
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Hey Patty, how'z about a big shot of that smokehouse? Or did I miss it already?
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Hi Rich!
I haven't posted a big picture yet....I need to though.redface.gif
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Yes you do!!!
But put it on a new thread please!! wink.gif
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