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Beef Shoulder

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Is a beef shoulder a good candidate for pulling. I went all over today looking for a pork butt, but could not find one large enough. If the beef shoulder will work, do I still take it to 200?
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the beef shoulder is the Chuck. Roast can be pulled, but there are 7 different chuck roast, look for one with extra fat and that is the one you can pull. I have done three chucks so far. One pulled great, one only partial pulled and one didn't pull at all.

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i've done 2 beef roast's last wk,1 sirloin tip one rolled rump .both were very lean little to no fat and both pulled nice.brought to 200.icon_lol.gif
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The ones that I saw appeared to have a 1/4 inch fat cap on one side. They are actually Center cut whole choice beef shoulder a Kroger.

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beef fat

if you don't think there is enough fat you could always ask the butcher for some beef or pork trimmings
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Not sure what the circumstances are but if one butt is not big enough you might want to just consider multiple butts and then not have to worry about the beef. IMHO, pulled pork is mighty hard to beat and the results are fairly predictable. I had a big crowd over during New Years and I did four butts. The wife helped me with the sides and everything really turned out great. My neighbors are still talking about the Q (I used Florida Jeff's finishing sauce). As a matter of fact, I may have created a convert. One neighbor keeps asking me about the smoker, types of meat etc. I think he may take the plunge. Whatever you decide, I wish you luck.
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I could, I have just always been wary of smoking a smallish piece of meat. I much prefer a larger cut (5# or more) Seems to be more forgiving. BTW, do you have a link to the recipe for Florida Jeff's finishing sauce?
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I am still full from supper but, I think I might have to eat a plateful of that!! What cut of beef is that?
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Marked as a Chuck Roast
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OK guys

I am doing my first chuck this weekend. I picked up a 5#er today. I'm thinking about 225*, right? Cook 'til 200. Pull it out and foil it put it in a cooler for an hour. Sound about right?
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Yes but don't go by temp, when your close start probing it, should go in with no resistance, same way i do my butt's n brisket!
Chuckie's sometimes don't cooperate at 200*.
Good luck and enjoy!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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bubba.......hoping you are talking a probe or bbq fork, that goes in with no resistance?

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hehehe, maybe he's adding his own finishing sauce!icon_redface.gif
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Hey, Hey, Hey...simmer down!

You guy's are saying not to worry about the temp but pay attention to "feel" the doneness?
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sometimes that depends on the cut of meat.......most of the time, we do temps......but some cuts of meat, you need to pay attention to the meat, not the temp
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To sum things up, for a 5# chuck, go by the touch or temp?

It's supposed to be about 30* for a high on Sunday.

I'm truely excited. I really enjoy smoking meat and learn something new every time do it! At times, I have a hard time getting to sleep at night!
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heh heh heh , He said simmer! heh heh heh! I thought this was a Q site!biggrin.gif

I would listen to Bubba, not me! I am just "pokin fun".icon_eek.gif

He has 10 times the experience as I do, at cookin, not sure bout da pokin doh!tongue.gif
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Brentman0110, try this for Jeff's finishing sauce:
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I didn't mean to get ya all excited.....but i know how ya feel!!
Alway's go by temp to get ya close, but with some experience you will be able to go by "feel"
When you stick a probe in and it feel's like soft butter.....it's done, may be 10* higher than you planned, may even be lower, but you'll get the hang of it!! icon_mrgreen.gif
Sorry to give you more thing's to worry about, use what ya know and go from there, it's ALL good!!
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You guy's are great! I gonna give it a go. I am going to take some pictures and post them as Qview...if i can figure that out.
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