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Silver Smoker Newbie Questions?

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Ok so i got a Char-broil Silver Smoker for christmas and i have never used a charcoal grill much less a smoker before. I have a Brinkman electric Smoker and my wife thought I would like this one. What should I do or more importantly not do in using this for the first time?
I have read the forums about some mods to other brand models but do I need to do any before I use it? Does it need to be cured. Also My uncle uses a electric burner to start his charcoal, What's best for starting Charcoal I know not to use lighter fluid SO?Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance.icon_biggrin.gif
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yes it has to be cured

get yourself a chimney starter........they rock..........

also........get yourself over to rollcall and introduce yourself..........

and sign up for Jeff's FREE 5-day ecourse.........

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Agreed, Weber Chimney starter for 11 bucks on Amazon.
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the only fast way to light charcoal is with a chimney i've made a few of these through the years about 3 wadded up sheets of papper to light soon as it quits smoking its ready to dump.careful on dumping fire shoots out the bottom unless you have a dump built inPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Before you go fire it up, go through this site and check out the stickies on almost every forum. The charcoal smoker, pork-beef-chicken spots, general questions, and use the quick navigation titles to the left of the page you are looking at now. Spend a couple hrs just surfing through and reading. After you read, don't be affraid to ask questions.This site is the best when it comes to people helping people.Do yourself a favor, and do some searches about the things that you wonder about the most. If you go back in history on the pages, you may find answers to your questions already. We have a great bunch of helpfull folks here who will walk ya through anything ya need. Don't forget to fill out your profile, and when asking questions, try and give complete info from your side so we can help you help yourself! Welcome to the site!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Check out this sticky. Mods are for char griller but are about the same for the Silver Smoker as well.

I have the same smoker as you and don't live more than 15 minutes away.
If you have more questions you can pm me or maybe stop by. Would be happy to show you the mods.
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Season the smoker, the instructions that come with it tell you how to do that.
And you can get a great smoke without any mods.. I did nothing to mine for a while, and the mods I have are small ones..
And we like pics here, so post some pics when you smoke..
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I have the exact same smoker that you recently received. It's a good one! But you'll like it a lot more after you work the mods. There are basically three to do. With the search feature, you can probably get more details. But in short, they are:

First, extend the chimney down to the grill level. You can do this witha
piece of aluminum. Just roll it into a sleeve and insert it into the
lower end of the chimney forming an extension down to the grill.

Second, Fashion a piece of aluminum as a "baffle." That is a shield or
deflector. You can tie it into the outside wall of the fire
chamber inside the cooking chamber such that the baffle or
deflector will force the smoke from the fire chamber down and
under the grid in the cooking chamber. It can be secured by
removing the top bolt of into the fire chamber and placing the
aluminum baffle under it and then replace the bolt.

Third, you need to get three pieces of aluminum or plates at your
local Home Depot. As I recall, they are about four inches wide
and about 10 or 11 inches long. They will fit inside the cooking
chamber and set perpendicular to the fire chamber just beneath
the cooking grid. The first one (closest to the fire chamber)
should be placed just over the baffle. Then the next one should
placed about one inch from the first across the cooking
chamber. The third one should be about two inches from the
second one and also across the cooking chamber.

By applying the mods, you will find that there is a LOT less difference in the temps in the cooking chamber from end to end. Mine was reduce by almost 70* It really makes a tremendous positive difference.
I'm not sure how clear all this is but if you need, just PM me and I'll be glad to provide more detailed info.
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I also have this smoker and have modded it it is the only way to go and when you get a chance make your self a charcoal box you wont regret it.
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Thanks for all the info guys. I will have to look at pics to see these mods up close. I might have to get up with DS since he is so close and look at his. DS I am actually a Springer transplanted in Hanover. I live off of Studley Rd. I know some of the guys you work with. I think my cousins are VERY FAMILIAR with
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LOL! Nah, when I am off, I AM OFF!
Don't like to bring work home!
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