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Good looking grub. Its might cold here to today. Mouthwatering roast there.

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Thanks folks, and Hunter, no worries, I heard the points were highly overrated anyways!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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ahhhhhh........i think that was ds7662 aka allen.............

but heck........I will give points
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Awesome food Capt Dan!! Dibs on any
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thanks dude, sorry cowgirl, the beef misteriously disappeared while I was at the neighbors watching the Green bay game, but I got parts of 3 different fatties. By the time ya get here from yer neck -o-the woods, I suspect they will be gone. That 16 and 18 yr old that I use for tax deductions, seem to vacuum up all my leftover meats!icon_eek.gif I just need to get them interested in doing part of the smoke. They sure complain about the smell when I make -up my vinegar based sauces, but it seems to be forgotten when they get their lips around a Sammy!icon_razz.gif

Although todays smoke was minimal, considering the temps, and the fact that alot of folks didn't get to smoke anything because of the conditions, I feel pretty good. Gonna be puttin it on a lil harder next weekend with an 11 lb ribeye and 3 racks of babybacks, all on my lil "stinky" smoker!wink.gif
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Looks Great Dan...

Pretty awesome supper, ay?

You gonna have fatty with eggs in the morning? How about brisket topped pizza for lunch? What else is there besides Family and good Q?

Nice Pics,

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Thanks Steve, like your avatar, I wish I had a Lang. The only thing I like as well as family and good Q is: a good day on the water, a happy crew, and some tasty rum when the voyage is over!tongue.gif
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Well, as you've shown...

Well, as you've's all in the operator, not the machine!!

I agree about the lake cruis'n Captain, this winters got me thinking more about summer. A large cooler of Natty Light wouldn't hurt under the seat!

time for sleep,

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