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I forgot to brine my chicken

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I was planning on just roasting a chicken in the oven today and brine it over night. Well I went out to get gas, stopped at a buddies house, had a few and forgot. Does anyone think that a four hour brine would benefit the bird or just forget about it. It is a 7# minimally processed perdue.
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Forget about the brine and go for it. You'll be just fine. Brining definitely makes a difference but if you don't tell I'll bet nobody will notice.
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I'd beer butt it at 325ºF and forget about the brine ... you won't be sorry!
Use your favorite rub with evoo or mayo ....

Let us know what you decide ... eh?
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BUT... a 4 hour brine WILL help for sure.
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Oh do ya have an injector? Then that's PLENTY of time....inject thighs and breast with the brine.
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A 4 hr brine will be just fine. Brined many a dead clucker for that time and they all have been just great.
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Yea after I posted I thought about injecting. I think I'll just go for it.
Thanks. Lee
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Bit chilly up that-away too eh? Sheesh! Tear it up Lee!
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My digital thermometer said 2 this morning it's up to 11 now. Glad I don't have to plow the drive today anyway.
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How's the yardbirds doing? Resting or about ready to hit the heat?
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I made up the brine' injected it and its setting out in the garage. I will put it in the oven @ 2:00. My daughter, son in law and 18 month old granddaughter are stopping in for dinner. They just live down the road. Grandkids are cool. It's our first one until july when she gets a brother or sister.
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YUP! It won't hurt at all. I would do exactly what he said. Brine and inject. You will be set! Hope it turns out excellent!!!
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Hope you have a heated garage or that bird will be froze when you go out to get it LOL.I went out to my garage this morning to get some drinking water and they were all froze
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