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Well Hung Chicken

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I took this picture last year over the summer and it never dawned on me what it actually looks like. I know this is a family orientated site so I will remove it if it offends anyone but me and my wife could not stop laughing once we realized what it actually resembles. PLEASE THROW IN YOUR COMMENTS! I CAN"T WAIT TO HERE THEM!
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Ummm Ahhhh lessee... either a very flight unstable bottle rocket or the "Chicken that laid the Golden Fatty".
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thats one big Kock
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Glad it was wearing a raincoat...
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Thats one well endolled rooster. lol

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the chicken

joe the chicken says--"thank god that ex-lax finallly worked..i've been so bound up!"
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Whoa! Poor chicken frown.gif
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Looks like a Ron Jeremy breed of chicken to me LMAO!!
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