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Todays QView, 12 hour cook!

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Here's my first big photo record and upload. I uploaded pictures as the day went by. This photo bucket thing is kind of neat, someday, I will learn to go direct to a post, but for now, here it goes---- a LOT OF MEAT below in the link!!!!!
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Just use the little icon above and past the link for photobucket into the space that pops up. You can also just type [img] link goes here [/img] and it should work also.
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but then flash.......the pics are too big.........specially for folks with dial-up.......would take forever to dl........
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Everything looks great Steve. Wish I was there to help you put it awayicon_razz.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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NICE!!! VERY Nice!!! Wish I were an in-law!
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Looks great Steve. I'm sure the in-laws will love it.
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Hey I already seen these! <But I did give ya POINTS>
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Thanks to DS,BigAl, and Charles,

Thanks for the nice comments. It would be nice to get help putting this away, well, maybe we could avoid the fridge next time?

But, what about the dishes? Oh, Oh, wait a minute, my wife just got home, I'll barter with her:-) Not what you think, HAha
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You're right Richtee

Yeah, I've been loading todays pictures a few at a time in between loading the wood in the firebox. Just had to get the final cooked one to ya'all---after all that work:-) I will figure out how all this picture bucket stuff works eventually---but, I got to eat first! Talk later

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I love the wood pile arch :)
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The woodpile is like a fence for the back yard, the wife wanted one ten years ago, so I built it out of wood, and then burn it every year!

Lots of fun:-)
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What size were those pictures..I thought it said only 280 height that gave me about 300 wide..Your are way bigger than that..How big of pictures will upload to this site...Where are the instructions..Wow..I dont know anything do
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great lookin smoke

That's a whole lot of meat smokin--looks rally good! must be some fine slippers.
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Looks good.
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The slippers are awesome, here's the link!

Slipper Link-- (need to cut and paste it to open it)--Here's what the inlaw bought me!!

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Great lookin' smoke!!! for the photo bucket thing - i open a second tab... one here and one photo bucket- my settings are: max size 1024x728 then i right click and copy pic i want at the size photo bucket displays without opening the picture... come to the SMF tab right click and paste ...
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I tried the upload in another thread....

Hi, thanks for the tips. I just tried uploading some pics in the Weed Burner thread today, tried to follow yours steps, my MAC is a little different with cutting and pasting, but anyway, after pasting the 1024x728 pics the smf would say file to big, so I ended up resizing to thumbnails. Any idea what I am screwing up? I have been pasting them in the manage attachments area, Should I paste them in the body of the text instead?

Thanks in advance,

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Copy the link with the [img] tags and paste them in the body of the message.

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Steve great smoke and everything looks good. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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