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rubber coating?

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Is there a risk of melting the rubber coating on the probe wire? I can't seem to find a metal probe wire locally.
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that's funny because all I can find in braided wire ones. I would think at the low temps you smoke, it should not be an issue. If you have a Wal-Mart nearby see if you can locate an Acurite digital temp probe. Around $15.00 or so.
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Thanks, the trip to Wally World isn't too far so I'll look.
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I've used both metal and coated probes with no problem. Actually the coated probe may not be as prone to moisture when you clean it. The braided ones can pickup moisture where the probe meets the braid, and then corrosion starts. I have Polder and Taylor single probes, and the probes are interchangeable, braided or coated. Good luck.
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Technically, those rubber ones are good to 400° according to the specs on the package. I have used mine in a 350° oven several times.
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I picked up 2 yesterday day from target for16 each they had rubber. I fired up my new UDS and the probe wires go through the side I had no problem
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