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Stuffed Portabella's

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Finally found portabella mushrooms! I've been want'n to stuff these for a long time.

Cleaned out "most" of gills(more room for stuff'n)
Sprayed them w/olive oil
Stuffed w/crab, celery, onion, cheese and mayo
sprinkled on some of Jeffs rub
on the smoker at bout 235.

Plan on smoke'n for 45 min then add cheddar cheese, melt and then ready to eat.

Here's some pix w/end product to come.

Sure hope they taste as good as they sound. First time for us to ever have portabellas. Just did 3 w/6 left to go. I hope the last 3 I will learn enough to get them just how we like them.

Enjoy the pix.
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!@#$% %$##@ !@#$% %$#@@! !@#$% THAT MAKES ME MAD!!! icon_evil.gificon_evil.gificon_evil.gif

Well 2 outta 3 aint bad, well see how it goes. !@#$!!!

End product to come shortly. ........!@#$%!!!!!!!!!!!! icon_evil.gif
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Mercy, Al!! Those look great!!
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Thanks LoKo. End product added to pics. Next time I'll use a !@#$% %$#@! spatula!!!

Head'n in w/food, will taste and give a report tomorrow morn.

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Try'n a pic on the thread. Close up.

And another

Thanks to IT and WD, IT's knowledge and WD's cry'n PDT_Armataz_01_22.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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so how did they taste Al........they look good.........i was going to do some this weekends smoke, but couldn't find any........PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Wife didn't like them, Cole doesn't like mushrooms and Haley was sick.

I didn't think they were too bad, but I really don't know what all the "to do" is about them. I'm gonna try some sliced in butter & garlic today.

Anyway, good but not a "wow". Worth a try though, something different and quick.
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a grilled porta, is supposed to, i hear anyway, to taste like a piece of steak..........d88de shrugs
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Mine did NOT taste like steak. Onions may have covered it, but no steak taste here. I've heard all those stories and I was excited, then let down.

I have enough to try alone also. I guess we'll see.

I'll let you know.
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They sure do look great the way you did them Al. Have had them in the past fixed other ways, from past experience I'm pretty sure they taste like steak to a vegetarian. To me thay tasted like a pretty good mushroom.
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Been wonderin' how they would be. Wife don't like mushrooms, so just leaves more for me.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Xcap, YES. Good taste'n mushroom for sure, but not steak by any means.

I'm do'n one "steak" style right now. Gotta have bacon w/it. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Well, you'll see the bacon on the smoker. This is just before going on the smoker.
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if you are doing it steak should smoke cap up..........
i know if you grill you do it that way
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Dang!! But the bacon fits so nice in there!
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I don't know about tasting like a steak but they can taste like a mushroom that has been seasoned and cooked like a steak.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Personally, I love shrooms! The portabella has lots of meat to it and that makes it more lovable! To be honest it does not really have a strong flavor of anything, except the delicate flavor of mushroom.

Typically I dont scrape out the gills when I stuff them, leaves more of that great mushroom and then the stuffing can be more like a topping than a stuffing.

I think that I would have smoked them a bit longer to ensure that the entire mushroom was cooked through but I don't know how well yours were cooked. (and yes dem can be slippery little suckers!) I sometimes do them in the inside broiler and they cook fast at 45minutes.

My wife bought a couple of prestuffed on a styro tray the other day that were filled with some kind of veggie mix like a pico de gallo (SP) diced peppers, tomatos, onions, cilantro and topped with feta cheese. Those little buggers had a little unexpected bite to them! Although I kind of ruined my wifes dinning expeirence when I told her that the burning sensation meant that the shrooms were poison! (she is real gullable that way and I had to pick through the stuffing to point out the peppers before she would finish hers), next time I will just have to eat hers too, just to prove that they are not poisonicon_lol.gif
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Thats good Zapper, real good.....and evil! icon_twisted.gif

This last one I did I thought I over did it. Looked like hell. It was done right. All I did was add some McCormick garlic and onion stuff after I sprayed w/some 'pam' type stuff w/butter in it. laid some bacon over it after it had smoked a while and WOW! It was good, real good. I'm do'n 2 more, been on smoker only 10 min, chix done, ribs done, but I want some more mushrooms. Not steak, but VERY good just as they are w/no stuff'n.

I was really shocked and I don't think the bacon did much for it. Good shtuff!!!

I hope these turn out as good, wife will be happy!
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