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Had a buddy soda blast my old unit before paint, my old one i sold. Looked like virgin metal when he was done. Of course dont know what that would cost if you had to pay for it. My buddy did it as a return favor.
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Damn good deal. Wish I found a deal like that. Good luck.

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Soda Blasting? Thats a new one on me unless you talking about Mentos and 7up. I'm going to look into have it doneby a commercial blaster, it's too much for my little el-cheapo Harbor Freight unit. Re-bar for the fire grate? I hadn't thought of that one, good call! Cheap to weld up too!
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Ok I'll bite. Mentos and 7-up???confused.gif
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Be sure to support it well an and WILL sag under that heat eventually.
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soda blasting

lower pressure than sandblasting..uses baking soda instead of sand--more environmentally friendly..rolleyes.gif
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Yeah! if you haven't tried it yet, open a bottle of soda and drop a Mentos breath mint in it. Stand back and do it outside!
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You shouldn't of told him to do it outside! Do it in the middle of the living room with the kids and the dog sitting right next to it!
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Ah Man AJ, I couldn't do something like that, trash a man's house from my keyboard. He'd never give me any points after that!

I take it you have tried that one eh. But have you tried a half tsp of baking soda in a 1/4 bottle of Mt. Dew with a splash of H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)? Make your own glow stick!
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what size is it? it sure is different I kinda like the fire box. I have a 20" D cylinder it 70 in long I might try that type fire box
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