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Thanks Dutch,
I like your set up too, ratcheting straps would be easier than bungee chords for sure. I just started out using those because I had them on hand and it worked pretty well. Last time I used a plastic box, there are some pictures on here of that setup in one of my other bacon posts, that setup just used gallon jugs for weight. I figure whatever folks have on hand is what their going to use, my intent was just to get the basic idea across.

My new slicer is supposed to arrive today and my new smokehouse is nearing completion too, I can't wait to scale up my production, my friends are already eating all I can make. Thanks again.
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I've just started to consider giving bacon a try. For some reason, I always thought it was beyond my ability. Your primer, and some of the others on here have me thinking I can do it as well as any other projects I've tackled.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Go for it Mule! You really can't go wrong and it's easier than you might think. Most of the time is spent waiting. Well worth it though, you can't buy bacon as good as you can't make at home.
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what jimbo say's-ain't no bacon like making it at home-yummmmmm.
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i am going to have my first try at some bacon, desert lites lit the fire so now we need to smoke somthin. thks DL. this cure recipe, with the combination of tenderquick and insta cure will cure how many lbs? i beleive 1 tsp of instacure #1 is good for 5 lbs. figuring in the 3/4 cup of tenderquick which from what i can find is 1 Tbls per lb. so if i am figuring this out right this would be good for a maximum of 17 lbs. of meat. so if smoking less do i make a smaller batch or will it only absorb so much? any clarification on this appreciated. thks
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Thank you for the detailed info im going to give it a try
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Thank you for this valuable Info!!!!!
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Great information but have question

I live in Thailand and there is plenty of pork belly available so this is a good time for me to makin bacon. However Im sure finding TENDER CURE AND INSTACURE #1 will be impossible. Could you please tell me what they are and what I could use as a substitute. Ive made lots of substitutions on things that are just not available here like seasoned salt and such.

Much thanks for any help

Farmer Fly
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In the recipe in the first post, is "real villella extract" by chance a typo where you meant real vanilla extract? Or am I just missing something :X

I cant find anything even on the internet about villella extract...
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I assumed "vanilla" also. We all have our handicaps. Typing is one of mine also.
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Great post! I want to make some bacon myself -- I'll be using your instructions.

Well done. Definitely a sticky!

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I don't think I saw this addressed, so sorry if it was and I missed it.

Do you remove the skin and trim the fat prior to curing/smoking? I've heard it both ways, but I just can't imagine leaving the skin/fat on will yield good absorption of the cure and smoke. Am I correct?
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