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Thanks Dutch!!!!

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When I first joined I mentioned that the old SnP that I picked up was rusty on the firebox, and the high temp grill paint didn't seem to stop the rust for long. He mentioned using veggie oil and "seasoning" the firebox like a cast iron pan. I used crisco instead, but man does it work great. I think I managed to get 3 coats on last weekend while smoking a butt. Looks great. Kinda shiny like a good cast iron pan.

Now I just gotta find that post and give away some points. Thanks again Dutch!
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3P's, glad it worked out for ya! Just remember to hit it a couple of times during the smoke season and keep the SnP covered to keep the rust from coming back.
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I bought an old school SNP from craigs list for $40. I had to take a wire brush to that bugger it was so bad. I put cooking oil in a spray botttle and spray it down as needed.
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Did you try his wicked baked beans ? They are true to there word as is dutch.
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Haven't tried the beans yet, but it's on the list.
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