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30 paces....about 90 feet......with NO wall's to go thru???
That's their test???
Ya, gotta admit, not to happy with mine, actually took it apart and extended the antenna out of the case so it will read maybe 40' but still doesn't go thru wall's, what's the point???
Save the money, you can buy 4 polder's for the same price!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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want the ultimate wireless dual probe thermo....

My dual probe redi-check died today. The smoker probe just reads HHH. The meat one still works. I am doing ribs today so i just have the Meat probe suspended in the cabinet to give me the cabinet temp since the ribs are done 2-2-1 method so meat temp is not needed.

I will be looking for a new one. the one i have does not have much ranch. I have an old house w/ thick plaster walls so I have to leave it by the back door to stay connected 15ft away. I want one that works on my wireless network so i can check w/ the laptop.

something like this

If it had a meat probe you could put one in the cabinet and one in the meat and still have two more probes for anything. another smoker or just ambient temp. If you were running and electric smoker you could have the NC/NO switches turn on and off the element and a fan.

all thru a web browser. sorry kind of a geek. i might just try it. god. no one tell my wife.
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If you read the thread on TVWBB the electronics guys will tell you the exact length and wire guages that it needs to be. From what I read, if the antenna is done right, folks are getting pretty good reception. IMHO the unit is still a cheaply made non user friendly child's toy, and not made to hold up to real use.
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I am in the market for a new thermometer....what do you recommend then SmokyOkie?
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How long are the probe leads? Maybe a better way to ask the question I really want to know is where do you rest the transmitter base when you are cooking?
Can you use an extension on the probe?
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my et-73, which is new.....goes thru 3 walls............werks great..........i think maybe with many people complaining, they mite of done mine for christmas and it werks GREAT.........
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I like the Oregon Scientific AW-131.
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I heard good things about these one. Do you use two? one in the meat and one in the smoker?
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I have 6 or 7. Got 'em on sale from Lowe's @ the end of the year. I've used as many as 3 at a time. If you want to use them for grate temp, poke one of the probes thru a potato so that the end of the probe is well exposed and not laying on the grate.

If you shop remote thermos, you will notice a BIG difference in the weight of the probe cable w/ these units. They are easily twice as thich as most other ubits
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yes, I remember your post about getting them for $9. (I think it was you). I was at my lowes yester day and they did not even have any but they are just now switching the seasonal items. I found them on ebay for $25. The maverick dual probe smoker model i had did not have very good range and burned out faster than I think it should have. I do not know if I can buy just a new "smoker" probe or not.
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$25 is a good price by my experience. If you get one I don't think you'll give that Maverick any more thought. I do think you can buy probes from them. Last I knew they were somewhere in the $15-$20 range. Why not drop the xtra $5-$10 and get the good stuff? And no, I don't work for OS, but I've sold enough of those things for them that they ought to pay me a commission.
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Think i will pick one to try. Since one probe on my old one still working i can use it for smoker and the new one for the meat. It was nice having both temps in the same unit
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So I have read bad things about the oregon and the maverick, does anyone know of any higher quality better reviews across the board type of remote thermo?

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Many of us have the Maverick's and have no problems with them. I've also seen they are about to come out with a new and improved model pretty soon

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