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Burnt Ends

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Hay Y'all,
I've been smoking briskets for a while now and I'm way fond of Smokey Okie's method of searing. But in many post here I keep reading about "BURNT ENDS" but no mention that I can find as to exactly what they are. I'm sort of assuming its the thin fatty ends, cut off, maybe rubbed and smoked for a longer time? But I'm just guessing. I made some cracklings from some brisket fat a while back and god those were good, but I don't think that what y'all talking about either.

So would one of you brisket gurus out there please provide me with some directions as to how to produce the real thing? Whatever it is it sounds too good to pass up.
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Any of the dark bits on the outside of the brisket is burnt ends ... do in part to the rub that helps darken it (brown sugar carmelized)
Great stirred into Dutch's wicked beans or chili.

Hope that helps!
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Roger That Squeezy, but I read about people intentionally making burnt ends, as in save this part for burnt ends. Is there anything thats done special to whatever piece of meat it is?
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Don't know anything about that ... that would be like taking a steak and burning the hell out of it!
Perhaps others can enlighten us ....
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I ain't done a brisket yet but i figgure there the well done ends(my guess) just finished a couple pork butts-for pulled(yum)-momma calls those ends,pig dessert-hehe
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Squeezy is right on the burnt ends. BUT there are many ways to make better burnt ends. We like my burnt ends and I've given it to many others and they love it! Not to say it is "burnt ends", but near enough.

Here it is, worth what it cost ya. PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

Smoke a packer brisket, 10/12/14...what ever size as long as it is a packer. When it is done smoke'n, let rest like usual, then separate the flat from the point. Slice the point as usual and put in the juice, if you saved it and eat it like normal.

After slice'n the flat, cut the point up in about 1" cubes or so cutting off SOME of the excess fat......you know, the nasty stuff. You don't want a mouth full of fat.

Once chopped/cubbed in to 1" then stick in an alum foil pan and put in fridge(or just jump right in if your up to it). Shake on some worchest sauce, enough to coat and even have just a tad on bottom of pan. Then coat w/fav rub, I use a cajun rub. Then stick it back on the smoker and wait 45 min.

After 45 min or so take the pan out and mix it up, taste it. does it need more worchest sauce? More rub? More cajun? Add a bit and put back on smoker for another 45 min or so.

Check again as above until you like the taste. Keep smoke'n till there is a light crust on the outside of each "cube" and a good deep smoke flavor. When your happy, take it off and eat like a pig.

Mine usually take about 5 hrs. I like to cool it off and reheat again and it is even better. Not really burnt, but at least most of the fat is gone from the point.

It's a personal pref type of thing. Go w/it untill you like it.

It is good, very good.

Good luck.

Any questions, call me 620-874-1033(cell). I'll explain it better or worse. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Just my way, one of many on here.
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You can make burnt ends by using the point of the brisket after your packer is done. Cut the point into cubes, add some more rub and your favorite bbq sauce and put the whole mix back into the smoker.
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I do it pretty much like what Al outlined above with a few extra steps. Real burnt ends aren't seen very many places because they are expensive and a lot of extra work to make. They are very well worth the effort to make and make right though IMO. I could live on burnt ends.

Here is a link to a detailed how to post w/ pics I made last summer to help folks see what they are:


Hope that helps, be sure and share what you make with us.
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