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St Louis Spares

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Haven't put anything on the forum pic wise lately (the mrs lost the camera and we had to get a new one. Still learning the ropes.) But I'll try with this one. YEA!!!! Pics of raw meat!

Spares St Louis style (because I wanted too).

Full rack of spares uncut.

Top part (sternum & "knuckles"), skirt, and membrane removed. Also trimmed to look purddy. To trim, feel where the end of the ribbone is. Cartilage starts there. Make a cut along the length of the rack. Save and smoke for "tasties"

Rubbed with Billy Bones Rub

In the Kettle for the smoke!

Updates to come.
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Might be just me dude, but I can't see the top 3 pics.

And speaking of St Louis spares.....looks like we may need a few spare cardinals.....what the heck! We lost Roland the other day and lost Ecky and Edwards's the love!
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crewdawg, it sure sounds good!smile.gif
For some reason, I'm getting a red X instead of the rib pictures....I bet they look good though.
(probably my computer)
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The kettle came out good but the others are just little squares with red Xs. Nice looking kettle though!!icon_wink.gif
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Like I said earlier, new camera and still learning the ropes. Had all pics on the descktop, but like everyone else, did'nt get the first 3 pics on the laptop. Tried it again, resized, etc. Got them all on the laptop. Hope they turn out.

BTW.......ribs smokin along...
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There they are.....and looking good!
Can't wait to see your finished photos
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Well, they looked good going in......and using Billy's rub sure ain't gonna ruin's all on you now. LOL

When do we eat?
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Dawg! I like how you trimmed those up! Never though to do that, is it what makes them St. Louis spares? The trimming I mean?
And your photos came through just fine on my screen.
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Nice! I can see the meat, but not the kettle. Not too worried as I don't eat much kettle. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

Can't wait for the end product!
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Yeah, the trimming is the only thing that makes spares into St. Louis spares
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I can see the top 3 pics, but not the kettle shot. Might be my PC, looking forward to the Q View final!
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I know you asked Dawg, but I'll be his little intern (not the Monica type). Trimming the skirt and removing the rib tips down to the knuckles is what makes spare ribs STL style. I know most people cook the tips as well, but unless I'm chopping them up for beans, the dog usually gets them. Wastefull, I know, but the flavor just doesn't do it for me and the connective tissue never quite gets broken down enough for my desires. I'm the dog's best friend when cooking spares!
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Top three.. no kettle...
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Thanks Geek! Nice to get the geographic point of view.
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All looks great so far!
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Here's the results. Turned out fantastic! Love that rub. Sorry it took so long to post. Got distracted last night.

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Mmmm, crewdawg, those look awesome!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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