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help salty bacon

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did my first batch did cowgirls wet brine 6 days rinsed for 1.5 hours changing every 15 min. rubed and fridged for 12 hrs smoked till 160 in hickory had this today at lunch with eggs it was so salty i could not not eat it. it was a tenderloin about 3 lbs any help thanks TERRY
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I sure hate to hear that morkdach!
The loins I use are a larger, wonder if that is what the problem is.
Another thing that helps, slice off a bit to fry up before smoking so you can check the salt content. Sometimes they need to be soaked in fresh water longer.

Hmmmm, I'll do some more thinking.
How much Tender quick and water did you use?
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Hmmm well, if it's THAT bad... maybe try a warm soak in water with potatoes in it? I saved some salted out salmon a while back like that.
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bummer hope u can fix! I use buckboard bacon cure,than after 6-7 days I soak for a few hours changing every hr.
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Hmmm, still thinking.
When you say you rubbed it down and let it sit for another 12 hours, do you mean you dried it off or used a rub on it?

Still thinking.....
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I've had that problem with injection brines before, I dry cure everything now a days. As for getting the salt back out, well good luck. I'd think about cutting it up small and using it in beans or cornbread, add something neutral that need salt anyway. Honestly I've never had bacon that was so salty I couldn't eat it. Try it in a BLT with lots of mayo and tomatoes, those sort of need salt to start with, and see if you can handle that. I'm sure you can use it for something, salt pork is handy in any kitchen. And if we got everything right every time it wouldn't be a much fun anyway.
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i just kind of patted it dry and then used a bbq rub on it
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Hmmm, maybe the extra rub sitting on it for 12 hours pushed it over the edge?
Just guessing, I've never tried a dry rub after curing.
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since this was my first attempt maybe i over did the dry rub there is a pic in makin bacon thread just off smoker.
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patty i used 2 tbs per gal. and made 1 gal what do ya think
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You did say TENDERLOIN and not LOIN, same beast not the same cut. I would guess the rub, Black pepper would of been good. 2 Tbls. per gallon didn't seem extreme.
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You know, when ever I smoke a salt lick I just use it to season things like clam chowder. The recipe I use calls for salt pork diced so I just bury my attempts in the pot. The clams don't mind. Or in a pot of beans. Yea I hate when that happens.
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