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maken bacon

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after seeing all the q-views on c bacon i decided i need to try that.
got a tenderloin on sale wanted something cheap just in case trash time.
did the cowgirls wet brine lots of garlic & jalopenoes for 6 days.
stuffed it in a large jar shook it everyday. rinsed for 1.5 hours rubbed down good and friged for another 12 hrs smoked hickory till 160 leting rest as we speak.more to come if its not trash.
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Looks great.
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looks great let us know how it tastes
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looks great.............sure thats not a pork roast?
never seen a tenderloin with netting........normally that means a bone was removed..........

but no will turn out WONDERFUL...........
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Sure looks good Morkdach! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm making one Saturday. Have you tried it yet? Looks good.
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better half put it the net a shoved it in a large jar of brine this is the first weve done.dont need netting we found out will have sliced q-views later.
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Morkdach, it sure looks good.
Could you use chunks to flavor beans or soups?
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i make a lot of bush beans on the smokerand add lots of brisket or bacon to them do you think this will calm the salt down. i am on a low sodium diet so i thought it was just me. my coworkers all got a sample and even mentioned it being a little to salty.
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