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Mighty fine lookin feed! Glad it all came together fer ya! Excellent work!
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Nice smoke job biggrin.gif. When summer get going you may have more $ smokes wink.gif
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All I can say is that's awesome!!
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Great job on the cook. I'm trying the same basic recipe for about 100 mechanics next week. This will be my first cook that large. Any tips to make it easier?
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Congrats on a great smoke and a job well done. I can't imagine the time and effort you put into it. The Q-View is great.

Points for a job well done.

Happy Smokin

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Wow. That looks great. Thanks for documenting. This will make me think twice about signing up for something like this.
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Here are a couple things.

Add as many shelves as possible to your smoker. If you have the same one I have, you will need to add two shelves.

Smoking was cut and dry, just allow yourself plenty of smoke time, the butts went on around 8am, and I was putting the finishing touches on it right around midnight..

The reheating was a bit tricky.

I reheated by putting pans of meat in the smoker. It worked okay, keep watch on the temp. Pork did well, the tri-tip cooked a little more when reheated.

I reheated pans of beans on top of a griddle. My suggestion is to keep them in a big turkey frying pot on a big camp stove and reheat them that way.

Go with tubs of mixed greens from CostCo and mix in cherry tomatos and crutons on the spot, super easy.

Also go with big bags of rolls. Super easy.

We got serving stuff at the dollar store, platters too. I think I had all the serving tongs, spoons, and trays I needed within 20 bucks.

Next year I am going to go with all tri-tip right off the smoker to dinner. The tri-tip smoked in 6 or so hours. If I start in the morning I can have it for dinner pretty easily.

Good luck, prepare to be excited!
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AWSOME! Thats all I can think of.
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One trick with reheating pulled pork-FoodSaver bags and boiling water!! Use the gallon size rolls. Make the bags as long as the reheating pot that you will be using is deep. Make sure to double seal the ends to ensure that you have a good seal. Here is my method-cut bags to length. Seal one end and make another seal about a 1/4 inch from the first. Fill the bag with cooled (not hot) pulled pork. Be sure to leave enough room so you can obtain a good seal when you seal it. Vacuum seal the bag, when the vac/seal cycle stops, add another to the bag a 14 inch from the first. Notice that NO finishing sauce was added to the sealed product. The Finishing Sauce is sealed in a seperate bag and reheated and then added to the reheated pulled pork. Use tongs to pull the bags from the boiling water.

To reheat the pork, stand the bags in the reheating pot (you don't want to pack the bags in too tight) and then add enough water to the pot to cover the pork in the bags. If you try to add enough water to completely cover the entire bag, you will end up with boiling water everywhere. Remove the bags, bring the water to a boil and return the bags to the boiling water. Reheat the pork to 160 deg and then make sure that the pork stays abouve 140 deg. while serving. Add the reheated Finishing Sauce to the pork before serving.

If you have access to a microwave oven you can it to reheat the pork. Just remember to make a small cut in the bag to allow steam to escape before reheating.
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That be good information there dutch! See, I woulda put the finishin sauce on then into the baggies, makes more sense to wait. Thanks fer sharin yer secrets! I gotta get me a new super sucker, mine seems to have disppeared somewhere! Aliens land here and shop at my place fer there cookin needs!
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Awesome thread! I am going to be smoking for 75 for my wife's graduation party. All I have is my little Brinkmann electric though! I have a friend who has a GOSM and he is going to help as well. This thread has given me a lot of confidence! Thanks!
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Thanks Mob/ Dutch for the tips. They will help a bunch.
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Excellent thread and photo essay. Great job! Damn, I thought after all that work you fell off the face of the earth after not hearing from you. Glad all went well. Again thanks for sharingPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif(trying to figure out right sequence of points, clicks, etc. to apply points)
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Great Post! I'm gonna do my own smoke for my annual 4 July party combined this year as my retirement party. Usual attendance is around 40, but expecting 75 or more for this one! I'll be using ALL the suggestions the fine people put up in here.
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Haha! I swear when I was going into it, I intended to post the next day.. Then I slept instead biggrin.gif .. Then it was clean up for a couple days, then it was resting a couple days.. Then it was, "Oh man! I have not posted yet!".
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