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Whiskey barrels

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As a newbie I conducted a search and didn't see anything though I'm sure this has been covered... Would it be possible to use the wood from the old whiskey barrels that are sold at lawn and garden shops for smoking? The barrels are lightly charred on the inside and have whiskey impregnated in the wood so I thought it might be an alternative to buying those expensive bags of wood chips. A half barrel is about $20.
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Old whiskey barrels are highly sought after, and provide a wonderful smoke flavor. Just make sure they have not been altered by the lawn and garden folks.
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The folks at Jack Daniels seem to think so.
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"And brand new cars...oak tree yer in my way..." Ohh whiskey BOTTLES never mind.
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"There's too much coke, and too much smoke"

Sorry couldn't resist. I'm a huge Skynyrd fan!
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Lord look at whats going on inside you.............

ohhhhhhhh that smell.........etc. etc. etc.
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No need to apologize for that.
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Can't ya smell that smell?

Sorry. I couldn't resist either.
Also a big Skynard fan.
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