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maybe or maybe not. I would love to be there, however we are trying to set a family vacation that same week. I wonder what they would think of Mo.
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I'm biased, but I'd say they would like it.
There are some other places and things that are pretty neat for "after the Gathering", or before. Check out Silver Dollar City online.
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Gonna try to get them "in the works" ASAP!
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Watch for some pics of the location next week. Ultramag & I are going down there this Saturday to shoot pics and evaluate.
With all the heavy rain & flooding in the area things might change. We'll see. Truman Lake level comes up fast and the lake spreads. It flooded several campgrounds last year and caused a lot of damage. I think Thibaut Point missed out on that.
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Bumping this up again.
Looking for SMF folks to attend. Send me your email address and I will send an entry form.
Would like to see as many there as possible. A GOOD TIME WILL BE HAD BY ALL. And you might put on a pound or two. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Would love to be there but will be on vacation for a 4 day weekend the one before. Can't swing two in a row. Wish i could icon_evil.gif .
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Besides Silver Dollar City check out Branson's web site.I live about 70 miles from Branson and they are very family oriented.There are to many things to list here that family's can do there that's why it's better to google their web site,then you can read about all the things to do there.
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Another Bump

Trying to keep this visible.
The time draws nigh! This is event is for YOU!

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