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Smoked Hot wings?

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I've been thinking of different things to smoke (I've got the fever) and was wondering about chicken wings. Is it possible, and would they be any good?
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Oh yea, they are awesome! I take wingettes and smoke them until about 10 degrees to finish. I keep the sauce in a cast iron skillet on the smoker so that it simmers. Toss the wings in the sauce about every 15 minutes until they are up to temp.

You don't get crispy skins this way, but that's how I like it. If you want crisp, before you toss them, roast them over an open flame until you get the texture you want; Then toss.

I get the wingette's from wally world, and it's one of the more inexpensive things you can smoke.
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Geek's method is good...but I like 'em KRISPY... smoke for n hour or so..then do the standard Buffalo treatment to 'em.
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I like to cover them with rub in a zip lock then toss them on the smoker, when they are close to being done, sprinkle pepper jack shredded cheese over them. Makes a mess but they are good
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As said,
Wings are excellent on the smoker. Try some and you will do more.icon_biggrin.gif
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Sort of on this topic. Does anybody know how Chinese restaurants can make food fried and breaded, then sitting in sauce and still crispy?
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Generally speaking they'll fry after dredging in a corn starch or corn starch and flour mixture.
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So corn starch won't get soggy as fast as regular flour. Thats the magic ingredient. Gotta try it now.
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Seems to do the trick. Liberally coat chicken pieces or something and give it a try. Flash fry w/ high heat and you'll be good to go. Very nice crust. It will of course eventually get soggy but it holds up very well.
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Ahhh hence the slight "gummy" texture I detect in such foods..OK thanks!
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Stopped at K&M BBQ in Spring Hill, KS last Sat. for some of their fine Q. They have smoked hot wings as an appetizer. Also smoked BBQ wings. Got a "half & half" order, they are most tasty.
I'm going to smoke up a bunch and coat them with real Buffalo wing sauce. The ones coated with K&M's BBQ sauce were excellent also.
Wings are cheap & tasty - smoke 'em if you got 'em! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Allright.... ya did it now Mike. Just took 4 lbs out of the freezer. Seeing as how the Redwings ain't "smoking", I'm gonna smoke wings!

Sheesh 5-1 loss last night. Grr.
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I like the skin crunchy so I smoke them untill they are almost done then put them on the gas grill on high, watching and turning them,then toss them with your favorite sauce, I also read here someone smoked them and then put in deep fryer for about 5 min,I am going to try that next time
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smoked wings

that's how i do them put them in the pit till i think they've smoked enuf give em another touch of rub then into the deep fryer until crispy then add the secret sauce
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smoked wings

i am going to try smoking wings..i have only grilled get good flavor grilling i marinade the wings for about 48 hrs prior...hi temp spray pam on the grates a necessity to keep wings from sticking...i use perforated grill grate liners from home depot to speed up the cleanup....
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