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Just got an Apple tree!!

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Family member had an apple tree cut down at their house and is giving me all the wood.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif This thing is huge!!icon_eek.gif
It was about 60' tall and 18" plus in diameter.icon_eek.gif
It was still producing apples. They just wanted it out of the way.
They are also giving me opportunity to cut half a pear tree as well.
Can't wait till this stuff gets seasoned. I am picking all of it up friday.biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Way to go! You're going to be smoking for quite a while! That must have been some more apple tree. Can't wait to see the Q coming from those smokes.
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Good deal. Free stuff is always good.

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Lucky devil . Freebee too ! Man , I'm jelous . Pear too ? Interesting . Never tried it . How long till fresh wood is seasoned properly anyway ?
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I will post some pics of the treeicon_smile.gificon_smile.gif ..
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60' ???? That thing must be ancient!!!
Nice score, have fun cutting and stacking that monster!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gificon_mrgreen.gif

Heck, it's probably already seasoned! j/k
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Takes at least 6 months after cutting and splitting.
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This tree was at my grandparents home place. It is very, very old.
Family is trying to clean the place up and re-do fences. This was in the way. I will post pics.
I remember eating apps off this thing, and pears form the other tree.
It produced green apps. Not like in an orchard where may be red or whatever.

I recruited some help. My brother...his sign says will work for BEERicon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gif
Cutting will be n/p. Have 3 saws. All big sthil farm bosses. Have a 20 ton spliter also n/p there.
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You are good to go......icon_mrgreen.gif
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Man I'm tellin you, apple is my favorite. It goes with anything, and can be made a bit more stout if you need it by adding some oak; for ribs, add some cherry chunks. As far as how long it takes to season, it depends on the size you split them. But I like to give them the broken bat test: bang 2 pieces together. If it sounds like a broken bat, it's seasoned.

If you just have to have some now, you can put a few split logs in your smoking chamber and cook them for a couple hours with charcoal. It will work, but not as well as letting them season naturally.

I forsee many great meals for you this year!
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I can't find pecan around here. Which seems to be a popular wood in the mid west.
Each region has it woods.

Geek, thanks for advice and info. I have plenty of oak so n/p there.
As far as seasoning I plan on making it into chunks not whole split logs.
I will leave split where the air can get to it good through the summer. Make into chunks when I am ready to use. Which I won't start tell August or Sept.
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Man, that's one big tree, great score. You could even sell enough to get another toy(smoker) and still have plenty to smoke withPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I have an apple tree, peach tree, pear tree, and pecan tree to trim in the next week. Will the small 1/2 branches on the apple, and pear tree be good for smoking?
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I would not see any reason they wouldn't. Just make sure they season. Don't use right away.
Pear is supposed to be very similar to apple. I haven't used it yet though.
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Apple is great but recently I have been using a lot of wild grape vines. Great smokin!
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Ok, said I would post pic's once I got the tree. So here they are....

A Woodpecker was having a field day with this tree...
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That should last you a while. Hmmmm, my neighbor has a couple, wonder if he would notice if I removed one.
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