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Turkey Breast roast

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Im doin a turkey breaest roast right now. Pretty small about 2.5# Anyone have any suggestions what temp i should take it too before i pull it off?
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I would go 155 to 160º internal for breast meat.
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Ok thanks.. ill try to get some pics at the end
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Is poultry just like chicken, so use same temps.
165 to 170 I would say.icon_smile.gif
See everyone has a preference..So pick a number in btwn.
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the USDA recommends taking it to a minimum temperature of 165 degrees in the thickest part of the breast.

Some prefer the taste of the meat at a higher temperature but it's safe to eat at 165 minimum. I think Flash means that you can pull it lower at let it sit and it will rise to 165 but I wouldn't eat it at 155.
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take it off 160 and let it rise in temps.....if it hasn't been brined, you could end up drying it out
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It isnt for me its for someone else and im going to get it to them tomrow. It was brined so i think im gunna pull it at about 160 and let it rest. Should turn out ok i think.
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sounds like you will have a winner there......congrats
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My point exactly. If you do pull earlier, the wrap and let rest abit. It will make it up towards the 165 the USDA wants. White meat is just too easy to dry out.
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