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Boston Butt - $1.59 lb

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I just saw an ad in the paper where the local HyVee grocery store has Boneless Boston Butt Pork Roast for $1.59 per pound. My first thought was "this is an excellent price" but after thinking about it I'm not so sure. I have never bought a boneless butt. icon_redface.gif What do all of you think? Is that a good price? Will it cook the same as a Bone-In Boston Butt?

Thank you.
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I pay $.99 per pound with the bone in!
They cook the same, the built in thermometer is just missing!! eek.gif
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True dat. I jump when I see .89 to .99 cents a lb. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I always wait for the .99 sale.
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yeah foozer.........thats normal price.........just hang.........they go on sale for .99/lb........i have been waiting PATIENTLY now for over a month or so.......fairway and hy-vee will SOON i hope have em on sale again......doing my last butt this weekend, that i bought during one of those sales
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Family Fare (formerly Great Day-still Spartan stores) just had a $1.29 a pound sale here in Grand Rapids, MI. I grabbed a couple. Normally about $1.99 a pound.
The pork they get is as good as anywhere, although I perfer to get my meat at a smaller butcher shop most of the time. Especially ground stuff. I was a 'production' meat cutter for several years and I have my reasons for that...PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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plus foozer...........only time i buy a bonless, is to make buckboard bacon.......

bone in rox.........more flavor, and for me........easier to cook
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i wont tell you what i pay for

ok i will

regualar price where i am is .99/lb

on sale i pay .59-.89/

usually the sale is 69 cents a pound

jimmy deans i get for $1 each sometimes or 4 for $5 usually

in the summer, i get John Morrell pkg babybacks for 1.99/lb

i have a good meat
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yup teacup,this part of the country is hispanic land,which means tamales-on sale I get them for 69 a lb,and I have a large chest freezer!!-just finished 7#s of pulled pork & another 8#s cureing for BBB.
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crap TC.........and i live in HOG capital..........and normal price is but 1.60
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I usually load up when it hits .99 / lbs.

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i live in the "Hood"

crime central but great prices on the

the place i go to had their own butcher and they dont waste a piece of meat. it all gets sold so their prices are somewhat cheaper.

the cool thing in the summer is that nobody wants the baby backs, they just want the spares..that's when i stock the freezer with ribs
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I usually get them for $1.69. There was a local place that had them on sale at the first of the year for $.99, I got 3 of them. They also had pork loins for $1.68 but they were outmad.gif .
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Our Safeway's regular price is $2.69 lb and I wait for the sale price of $.99 and stock up. I always have 3 or 4 butts in my freezer.
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Their 89¢ here today so I need to go pick a couple up. SInce I paid $1.29 yesterday at the same store. Go figure.
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Lowest they get around here is 99 cents per lb
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Got um @ .88/lb at Southern Family Mkt. up here in Huntsville...and you being in Ala., check the Coors Light Display for the rebate coupon for purchase necessary..$10 rebate for $20 purchase...brings it down to .44/lb (minus the .41 stamp)PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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