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Electric to charcoal conversion

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Ok guys, sorry to start a new thread, but this is a different question.

Past history real quick.

Looking for first smoker and have a found a used once elec ECB for $40.

So I called the guy with the smoker today and have plans to pick it up tonight. Talked with my wife and she really wants to be able to cook with charcoal too. ARRRGG! Wrench in the machine. (Thanks Hon) So i gotta make sure that momma is happy and taken care of here.

So the question... Can (and how hard is it) I convert the ECB to burn charcoal and use it as a grill too? I know both the elec ECB and the charcoal version will double as grills. I am assuming that I can just pull out the element in the elec ECB and adda pan for the charcoal.

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someone, and i can't remember who......mentioned putting some charchol in a cut down coffee it wuold impart the charchol flavor........set it on top on the element, i guess.......
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IMO,'s not made for that, you would have to add a charcoal pan and some leg's and do a bunch of mod's........
You can get a new one for like $28.00, don't mess up a good thing!! wink.gif
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Thanks guys,

Just trying to cover all the bases here.

I think I am goingto go ahead and pull the trigger on the electric ECB. I really can't pass it up for 40 bucks.icon_lol.gif

I will have to deal with my wifePDT_Armataz_01_08.gif ... maybe an excuse to purchase another charcoal unit later.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Thanks for your help.
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Really, why buy used when you can get new and "made for" charcoal?
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Dang it Flash, there's that damn sign again!!! icon_twisted.gifPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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At least it's smaller than the dreaded "BIG red arrow" ;{)
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