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Hello from Michigan

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Hey all,

This site is awesome.

I'm Eric, and I am getting into smoking and que more seriously. I have a little experience, but from reading some of the threads I think there is plenty that I will be able to learn.
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Welcome to SMF !!!
You have chosen a great site to join into, what type of smoker or smokers are you using?
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Welcome from SE Michigan! wink.gif
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome, Eric. Glad to have you with us.

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Greetings From Traverse City..

Hope Ya Learn Alot ..some Great Cooks In Here.. So Your Never Without Info..mike
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Eric, Welcome. You have come to the right place. There is a ton to learn from these fine folks.
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welcome to SMF from Flint
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Congrats Eric, you're a part of the SMF. Read around the forums, you'll pickup some great advise that you'll use real soon in your smokin' adventures.
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Howdy from Hell. Yep, were froze over.
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Welcome to the site. Lots of great people and info here.

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Hey Eric, good to see another smoker from Michigan. Theres a few of us here, and i see you live pretty close to me! Enjoy the site, lots of good info, and real helpful people here!
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Welcome from downriver michigan. I just found this site myself, but there is a wealth of knowledge here, and the people are great!
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Welcome Eric. Hope you will enjoy this site as much as we do.
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WELCOME you will be hooked in no time. This is a geat place. Kinda like college learn and smoke heheheheheh
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welcome to the forum, you will learn plenty, as i have
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE [place to be.
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Huh...dunno how I missed this post, but a belated welcome from Lake Orion, MI.

What kind of smoker ya got?
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Go Blue! Welcome to the family. Belated nontheless. For us visual folks, remember to have that camera handy when you're preping, cueing, and finalizing. We love the Q view.
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Welcome to SMF!! You'll enjoy your stay.
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