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Jeff's Rub recipe.. Paprika???

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O.K., so I Just bought his recipe and it calls for Paprika but does not specify a type... i.e. Hungarian, Spanish etc...

Does anyone know which one he uses? Just use which one I like the best?

I'd imagine it makes a difference as they taste quite different.


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I am not sure what Jeff uses, but from my personal experience, Hungarian Paprika is better.
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The Hungarian is the highest quality.
If you dont have it then using another paprika will be fine just make sure its fresh, less than a couple months old.
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Take it from the Mad Hunky...HUNGARIAN!
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but one time i wuld like to give the smoked spanish just one shot
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Thanks for the quick replies guy's.

I agree, I think Hungarian is the tastiest as well, and use it the most for all my other cooking and rubs also. Just wasn't sure if Jeff used a different variety for some reason.

Hey Alan, meant to mention that I like your Avtar pic.... I was a Deputy in Portsmouth for 8 yrs. icon_cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_36.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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All the bottles I use just say Paprika. Those are the ones I use. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I use the cheap stuff redface.gif
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What Richtee said... Hungarian first choice, Spanish second. I use both including the Spanish smoked version.
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No, want the one with the black label. I believe it is harvested from a country called "Samsclub" or something like that!
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AJ, get a small can of the good stuff- Segezd is one brand- and do a comparison. You WILL notice a better flavor. Or maybe a different one. But that's better, believe me ;{)
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Just My Opinion

Jeffs Rib Rub.,,an Overdose Of Paprika..geez ..i Would Add More Garlic And Recipe For A Rub..ask Me I Wont Charge For Jeffs Recipe..thers No Envolved Flavors.your Over Powered With Paprika..makes The Rest Of Ingrediants Outcasts Cut Then Paprika To 1/3 Of Recipe..but This Is Just Me..
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you are are your own with THAT statement.............

i do admit for some things, i fine tune it more........but for butts........i won't use anything else

wow......nutting like biting the hand that runs this forum
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