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First Fattie

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Chedder, Jalapenos, and Green onions

Wax Paper and Pam are a MUST

Fattie on for about an Hour and half

I used Jimmy Dean Reg. Sausage. Being my first Fattie I was afraid of getting it to salty so I didn't season it with Tonys or Old Bay, I wish I would have. Outside of that it was unbelievable. I also removed the Bacon and put it back on for about 15 minutes to brown the outside some more.
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Great lookin Fattie Mac,Q-view is making my mouth water.
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I'll bet it won't be your last!! Sure looks good. Keep on smokin'. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Keith
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Nice job! One of my favorite stuffings, that. I rarely use bacon on a fatty...but perhaps if ya do next time, remove it a little while before it's done for a better brown on it. I do my pork loins in it, and I'll remove the bacon and toss the loin on a rocket hot grill for a nice brown.
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Very nice fatty. Looks great. Glad it turned out for you.

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Good looking fatty. Next time use Jeff's rub on it. You will like it.
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Glad it turned out well for you. It looks great. Love the stuffing.
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