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SuperBowl Smoke

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Ok guys & gals, I just bought a pork butt roast. It's about 6lbs. My plan is to smoke it on Superbowl Sunday along with a rack of spare ribs. The thing is I have no idea how to do both. The ribs I have a handle on. The butt is another story. I need help with temp, time, the rub is Tulsa Jeff's. Also it may be very cold and possibly windy here in cheesehead country. I'm using my Chargriller with sidebox. Any advice would be great. Thank you all in advance.
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Here's a link for the pork butt...
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I can't help you on the butt, but as far as the wind I might have an idea or two. I would try putting up some kind of wind brake. If you can put up some plywood sheets around your smoking area to block the wind some. Or move the smoker to a side of the house that is out of the wind. I hope it all goes good for you. But then I never have had a bad smoke, just learning experiences. It's all good. Live and learn.

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do the butt the day before.........and reheat for ribs the day of the game..........
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I can't do the butt before hand. Busy on that Saturday.
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what time is the game.........a 6 lb butt takes me 9 mite have to get up abit early

other than appetizers.......abts.....fatty.......smoked chex mix.......smoked keilbasa.....done all this........smoked cheese......cold smoke the keilbasa and the cheese.....couple that during the week.........smoked deviled eggs.......the options are endless for a quick or a do ahead smoke
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game is at 5pm. so i have lots of time, getting up early is ok
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better get up at 3 and get that roast out of the fridge and on the counter for an hr warm up at room temp first, get the fire going by 3:30 so it can go in the pit by 4- 4:30. A 6-7 lb butt in cold weather, with outher stuff going in and out of the smoker will take at least 10 hrs just to smoke, not counting the rest and the pull, so plan on about 12 hrs, from the time it goes in till it goes on a bun,at the very least. Try not to let your guest do any peeking, especially in the cold! Just how I would approach it and I got a shack around mine.icon_wink.gif
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Well, for the life of me, I can't see why ya can't just put the ribs on when the butt hits like 150-ish, let it go to 165-ish, foil and into a 250 oven, and finish dealing with the ribs on the smoker. I know purists whining about an oven finish, but too bad.
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purists be d* briskets, once they hit 170........foiled and in the oven it goes till 200........gotta get SOME sleep ya know
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