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Hello from Iowa

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Just got started in the smoking (hot) that is. Just bought a masterbuilt smoker. I see a lot of smoking times and temps, how many times do you add chips?
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Welcome to the site.
I generally add more Chunks when the smoke has stopped.
You might have to add several times on a long smoke.
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Welcome to SMF !!!
It really depends on what you are smoking, but on average I will do 2 to 3 trays of chips; enough for an hour and a half to two and a half hours of smoke.
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Say your smoking time for a chicken is four hours, do you put smoke on the full time?
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Personally I do not, most stuff I make is just a few hours of smoke. Remember smoke is just an ingredient to a great recipe. I like to keep it thin and in moderation.
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WELCOME, glad ya found us!

Sorry Foozer
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welcome dude......bunch of us from iowa
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Welcome aboard. Great place we have here.

You will love it here.

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