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No offence taken nor insult felt icon_smile.gif I am out here to learn and maybey make a friend or 2, witch is what I feel, what we are ALL out here for. While making a fire or some of the things in this post might sound basic, its stuff Ill try and eventually develop my own style. Smokecooking that is.

As Ive said before, Ive cooked with charcoal in the past and did not like the flavor of it. Maybey it was the lighter fluid, I dont know. Its why I chose to go 100% wood. I might be new to termenology, tricks and gadgets, but Im not new to cooking.

Thank you for your imput
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Ok don't forget to post a q-view of your next turkey! I can't wait... Also let me know how you like the lump charcoal. Wanted to let you know that the best chimney starter IMO is the weber brand. They sell one at Wal-mart that is cheaper but it dosent hold as much and takes multiple attempts to light off. The weber works every time as long as you don't use too much paper and fresh very dry charcoal. Good luck PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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