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Finishing the Jerky Today

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Everything is ready, I have 20lbs of beef cut up and marinated for 36 hours. Gonna go start hanging them (what a pain) and the into the smoker at 150*.....

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In the smoker. Its 28* outside and the GOSM has stabilized at 141*. I was still dark outside when I took the pic.

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Isn't it amazing how I got the meat to hang horizontaly?......Oops, forgot to rotate the pic.redface.gif
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Good morning Fritz. Glad to see I'm not the only one running the smoker this morning. I've got a couple of small chuck roast on the smoker now. What cut of meat did you use for your jerky? That sure looks good hanging out in the smoke.
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Good looking stuff Fritz. Can't wait to see finished product.
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I have to be in the office all day tomorrow to help with inventory. I'm brining in the jerky. Think they will let me out early?icon_cry.gif
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Thanks Ken. I always use top round, got it for $2.99/lb cut for london broil.
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Man, this was taking forever to dry out, then i noticed some water inside the door of the smoker. I forgot to cover the smoker and we had some rain last week, after I got her dried out alll went well and th jerky is very good. Took a couple pics, 1st one is about half of the lot and the other I will be taking to work with me today.

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Let me try the first pic again...not sure why the wrong pic came up?icon_redface.gif

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Nice looking jerky. Looks great.

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Ken, That jar is all gone, but send me your addy and I'll send a sample.

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Good looking stuff Fritz. Glad it turned out for you.
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Thanks to who ever fixed my spelling on the title of this thread!! I tried and didn't know how to do it.
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fritz........i noticed the knife in the first picture........

i have TWO words for you


freeze meat for bout a 1/2-1 hour, depending on the size of the chunk of meat.........but MAN, makes the job a heck of alot easier
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Good eyes Dude, I know....I know, I need a slicer badly and I have been looking, just can' seem to find the one I like without paying an arm and a leg. Still nervous about the ebay thing. I do love my knives and injoy using them but sometimes it gets a little nuts. I did however put the meat in the freezer as you mentioned, Its a great tip for slicing thin.
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How long does it keep in the jar, and is it vaccuum packed in there or just sealed air tight?

I've always put mine in the fridge, since I have no clue about shelf life at room temperature.
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i don't know.........no matter HOW much i make...........doesn't stay around long enuff to worry about
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Slicer versus knife......or the butcher?

Jerky looks awesome, I used to slice mine too, but recently, at our local chain store(Hannaford Brothers), I asked the butcher if he would slice the Top Round for me my style which looks a lot like your style and they also cut out the fat if requested. They do it free and you get more bang for your buck because they only weigh the lean meat they package for you. I usually get Top Round on sale for $1.99 and I buy about 6lbs sliced. I end up with about 2lbs and 12oz of jerky. Its about a 46% loss of weight. I get about 20-2.1oz food saver bags after I munch a few:-). I have to read more of this thread to see your marinade recipe!
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yeap steve...........they will.........but you have to watch em...........i always cut mine across the grain......i know others go with the grain......but you need to make sure the butcher knows what you want.........we didnt, and ended up with dental floss
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I can relate to that one!!!

Yes, I forgot to mention that I have been slipping the butcher a few leftovers now and then, but I think he could use some dental floss too!!
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