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Stuffed spares

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going to try something different this daughter got me a gift cert. for waldenbooks for xmas and i cashed it in on BBQ books. anyways it's a balsamic glazed pepper and sausage stuffed sparerib and it looks absolutely divine

i'm changing a few things to suit my taste mainly it call to cook in an oven for a while so i figure i will smoke them to the 3-2. i smothered them in bonedust and they are in the fridge .

the stuffing called for olives and olive buguette but i hate olives and used an italian bread and hot italian sausage plus lump crab meat which i'll stuff after smoking then tie together with string and finish on the grill,,might move some charcoal from the SFB to the chamber to grill it that way

man i can't wait to sink my teeth into them. by the way the book is KING of the Q's Blue plate BBQ and it has some awesome recipes that i'm going to be experimenting with.

heres some pics of the dusted ribs and a bowl of trimmings that me and the mutt will enjoy
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Looks good Scum! Yea, you and the dog! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Good luck to the dog! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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she's the offical taste tester if it's fit for a dog it's good enuff for me
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wow that does look good.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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yummy,let us know how it tured out.
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Looks great
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well i had good intentions i was up at 5am and sat down to watch the weather and news and the next thing i know it's 9:00 o well just got the ribs on with some peach wood for smoke.. now i'm going to start getting the stuffing ready..1# of italian sausage a loaf of fresh italian bread that i'm shredding and dry in the oven..fry some bacon and assorted herbs and spices and can't forget the crab meat..definatly in full slobber mode
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Many more pics and descriptive info!! Please... Yum!!
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Sounds Good

Sounds good and Do not forget the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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she is being very well taken care of
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Sounds damn good. Got to love trying new recipes. Always someting new for the taste buds.

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almost there

here they are after the foil and stuffed. i moved some coals into the smoking chamber to raise the heat to about 350 and i will grill these for another hour or until the stuffing gets to 160 degrees all while basting with a balsamic and honey-maple syrup glaze
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Napkins Needed!!!!!!!!!!

My o My O My,, these are perhaps the BEST ribs i have done yet (Thank You Thank You)..the basalmic and honey glaze was to die for and the stuffing was awesome and will be better the next time. the ribs were melt in your mouth fall off the bone, wish i had made a second set,

After i foiled them i made the stuffing with lots extra..a small loaf of italian bread shredded and dried in the oven, 1# of hot italian sausage 6 stips of bacon fried crisp than diced, one small onion,celery 1 large can of lump crab meat. then after removing from the foil i compacted as much as i could to go between the ribs then trussed them up which wasn't easy as the ribs were already on the verge of falling apart.

i moved some coals from the fire box into the smoke chamber to bring the temps up to 350 and finish them with some indirect grilling while glazing them every 25 minutes and turnining them, that was a chore too.

and here for your viewing or drooling pleasure
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OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAaNNNNNNNNNNNN do those look/sound good!!! Nice job, very nice!

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gonna try something called gampas hot dog salad these weekend
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Thanks. That new book will be real handy on this forum this summer
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Wow! what a rack biggrin.gif Never would have thought to stuff ribs like that or any other way. It all looks great nice job wink.gif
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