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Steve from Maine

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I am new to the forum thing. I have a Model 60 Lang trailer smoker that I have modified some by adding propane and a second small smoker/steak grill that I built. I do the Mr. Mom thing and manage my own apartments including the maintenance and repairs. I am a retired Electrical Power System Operator, yeah, I used to turn the lights on and off and stuff like that.

I love working with my hands if she lets me. My twin girls are 12 now and love dads BBQ! I would say that I am pretty well versed in smoking meat but wouldn't dare use the word Pitmaster. I hope to learn more here about recipe's as well as modifications and design of other rigs. I like a challenge. I also wouldn't mind helping others if I can. Its really cool doing what I do here in Maine because there is very few of us up here!!

Hope this helps:-)

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Welcome to SMF, Steve. We're glad to have you!

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welcome steve, from steve from iowa............

nice looking rig.........could you post that a lil bigger in a post?

once again......welcome
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Welcome steve to the smf. Great place here. Lots of usefull info.

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Sure, I'll try---here it goes.....

I hope I did it right:-)
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not as a avatar...........as a attachment........imbeded photo
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Like dude says, welcome Steve from a Steve in Missouri.
Hope you enjoy SMF, and enjoy yourself. Lots of friendly folks to visit with and answer any questions you may have.
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Welcome to the site. As Dude said I would like to see the pic bigger myself. Looks cool though.
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I am trying:-)

I am trying but having slight difficulties. I am going to manage attachments and trying to upload, but I think my picture size is too big?
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Do you have a photobucket account?
Check out this thread it might help you.
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Here goes again:-(

There might be photos with this and there might not-----I'm wing'n this one.

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I am gonna try this again, Beer with me:-)

I am trying this bucket photo thing, course my Mac is pretty cold---bowt 33 degrees due to the price of oil here in the great State of Maine and of course, my electric blanket is shorting out the monitor some, but i'll get thru it.
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bring some of that smoking wood in and build a fire under the computer......DUH!

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Last time I'm Gonna try tonight

I can't seem to get it, so I'm gonna paste links from that picture bucket right here--right now---If i fail, ya can't say I hav'nt been trying:-)

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awsome pics there bro'
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Welcome Steve and I look forward to learning from you
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Dude that is some serious Qview you are throwing around. Love the trailer
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Thanks, but........

What is a QView? You still climbing or did they give you a bucket?

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Oops, Thought I was talken to Linescum

[quote=Smok'n Steve;143431]What is a QView? You still climbing or did they give you a bucket?


thanks , the question about Climbing poles was for the lineman, HAHA, Talk later, time to do the dishes:-)
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Looks good Steve. Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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