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I chickend out

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on my beef roast's. wednesday i took a 5lbs sirloin tip and a 5 lb rolled rump and injected them with a pound each of ajus sauce and coverd them in jeffs rub bagged them and let them sit till this morn.i had every intention of smoking them low and slow but after many hours of reading old post's at the last minute i decided to grill them a little hotter and faster.i guess i should say i decided my cuts were to lean,i was afraid to dry them out.any way they were on the grill for three hrs with foil packs of wood chips in the coals . i took them up to 150 deg internal and moved them to the oven where i will take the rump to 200 for pulling and the sirlion to 170 for slicing . right now the smell is incredible hope they taste as good.icon_mrgreen.gif
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bill......i did a bottom round roast low and slow........i injected it..........came out fine.........not dryed out at all...........
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Nice work. I do much more indirect grilling that I do traditional smoking.
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yeah cookie i've been grilling for 30 years and smoking for one.like i said i kind of chickend out. dude i read all your post also .i'll try it again with a fattier piece of meat next time. i'll post more pics when i slice and pullPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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nothing wrong with grilling..in fact i will be doing some stuffed spare ribs tommorrow..i'll do the 3-2 on the smoker then stuff and finish on the grill
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I do that with my rib and chops too. I will smoke them then finish off on the grill. The best of both worlds.

Good looking grub.

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how do you STUFF a spare rib?

bill.......i, infact, took OFF alot of the fat.............
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stuffed ribs

how do you STUFF a spare rib?

you need two, fill in the cavity of one (bone side) and then top it with the second and tie together with baking twine......
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heres the last two pics of the fished products.i ended up getting them both to hot 200deg.wich was great for pulling .the end result was delicious wink.gif no regrets but will get the sliceable sammie meat next timebiggrin.gif
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Looks good.
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