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Not a bad trade

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Im not a hunter. My friend at work is. Im into smoking. He isnt. I think you see where this is going. He kills the critters and brings me enough to feed my crew with plenty left to take back to his family the next day. Last time he brought some pheasants. His wife liked it so much that she wants him to buy a smoker. He said "Hell no!". He aint got the patience for it anyway. He can sit motionless in a tree stand for weeks but cant tend a fire for a few hours. Good for me cause I get to try me hand with lots of good eats that I normally wouldnt. He gets to taste his harvest in a way that he normally wouldnt.

Tomorrow its duck breast...
I got some ideas from doin the search and from another site but welcome ideas or tips from anyone who has experience with duck. Thanx.
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LOL. Well my motto here in Florida is "Have fish, will trade" biggrin.gif

I do not hunt, but fish constantly. I have several friends that fish little or not at all, but hunt alot. So, recently I traded a lot of saltwater speckled trout and redfish for venison and hog that they had shot. Hey, varity is the spice of life PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds like a good trade-out.
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Sounds like a great deal to me
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With the duck breast give it a 3 to 4 hour marinate in milk or buttermilk. Then go ahead and season how you intended. The milk marinade will remove gamey taste and give you a much more moister end product. Wrapping in bacon never hurt poultry either !!!
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Good deal you have there. It's always nice to get a variety.

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The recipie im leanin towards is to brine overnight in apple cider and some herbs, coat in melted bacon drippings and smokin to medium rare. I may want to cook it just a little past that point . Dont know for sure but I really dont want to mess up 6.5 lbs of chow that aint mine to begin with.
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what mossy said........he should know
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Too late now........ Its already in the apple bath........ Tomorrow we will find out. Right or wrong, its gonna be good eats.......
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Just a suggestion, dont take the duck past rare to medium rare. They will dry out quickly if you take them past that point, brined or not brined.
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Hey Smoke Freak, I'm in the same boat , a friend at work has no time to smoke meat so he buys or butchers a beef and I do all the rest plus it gives me a chance to try all kinds of things out, at his expense
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Yeah Allen, its great when when someone gives me a reason to light the fire one more time. Also free meat is a good thing these days. And then I kinda like hearin people say "Damn that was good. Whats next?"
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