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You sure you got what you are calling the receiver and transmitter straight? RX is where you set your alarm pts.........the TX is where you should see the smoker and meat temp alternate.
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This pic is of the receiver.

If I had to guess (and assuming everything is working correctly) I would guess that you turned them on in the wrong order. You need to turn on the TX first (the one with the probes) and then the receiver and you should not get the dashes.

Hope that helped and sorry for the multiple posting
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So if I understand correctly both units should display the current temperatures?
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yes........IF you have the probes plugged need to turn em both on really close to the same time.........
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What the others said... Put probes in unit... Turn on.. Right away turn on the 2nd unit. After you get temp readings set high and low temps..
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Ok, after its set what do I do to put it into the monitor temperature mode? Im talking about the reciever. All I see is 3 flashing dashes on both the meat and smoker temp display. Sorry to be such a pain in the arse.
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Ok I got it now. All I had to do was turn on the reciever first, so Im a jackass icon_smile.gif . Thanks for all the responses and again sorry for being a pita. Im a happy smoker now and cant wait till the weakend to give it test run.
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Glad you got it figured out.
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Mon, Don't feel bad as I had some recent challenges learning to 're-set' the alarm properly. (other than keeping the smoking in correct temp range!)

Here is the thread in case you have similar issues:
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i actually just ordered my et-73 and am really looking forward to using it! hopefully i won't have any problems, but if i do, at least i know where to go for tips.
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