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Wood chip can question

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One of the first things I learned here was not to soak the chips. I've been putting them in a foil covered coffee can with a hole in the foil and it's been working very well.
How long can one use the same can?? When I took it out of the smoker after I used it last, it stunk. (Stank?) Anyway, lots of tarry creosote like material stuck to the sides of it.
Are the cans a one time thing?
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I'd replace it, if it stank. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif (Stunk is a dead skunk PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif )

Some just use foil and no can. Kinda sucks that you can't get coffee in a "can" much.........peanuts are in a can though. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

BTW, I'll let you drive my tractor if you'll let me drive you "bike". Also, we'll baby sit that cute little grand kid of yours any day they want! Liked the pic of you and the grandkid on your bike. .........Yea, been a while since I checked out the pics on that thread.
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Depends, if it's a John Deere, you're on!
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i use a small coffee can, when doing a small smoke.........still using the same one now for several smokes now............

if its a big/long smoke.......i use the cast iron chip box..........
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If I use chips I wrap in foil. Never used a can. I have also folded up an aluminum pan to use.
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I have a bunch of those smoking cans. The ones that are about the size of a can of tuna fish but have all varieties of wood in them. They have a small hole in the top where the smoke spews out. They have been in the garage for years. I plan on using them up. When they are gone I plan on using the chips in a foil pouch method. I like the idea of being able to easily remove the smoke source from the heat source.
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smoke can

i have a gsom that i use..i must be different because i soak the chips and put them in an aluminum foil pouch..i put maybe a dozen or so holes in the pouch with a toothpick..i put pouch in cast iron smoke box with no lid...usually after an hour when i turn meat i change pouch..after that hour i have opened puch--usually not completely burned..
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