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Chicken Q-view

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Smoked 2 chickens, Dutch's "wicked" beans, and some abt's with a mix of hickory and pecan. Eveything turned out great, especially those beans. Cooked these back on 12/21 but had my computer hard drive fail on me and had to send away the computer for a while. So, better late then never. Hope ya'll enjoy. icon_biggrin.gif

here's some tbs

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MMM, sure looks good. We love the baked beans too although next time I will make sure to leave the seeds out eek.gif Whoa. Alittle hotter than I want beans to be.
ABTs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What are the other peppers?
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Nice Smoke... Everything looks great...
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Jonathon........GREAT looking smoke........points for you...........

was the skin on the chicken crisp?
it looks it.......but your temps i would of thought to get that, would be to high for the abt's and beans?

good job
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Looks great...Well done Jon,,,
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Great job Jonathan and great pictures.I wish I'd made Dutch's "wicked" beans today after looking at your pictures But I have to make them for church Sunday so I guess I can wait.
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Good looking grub man.icon_biggrin.gif
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Great smoke! Nice looking smoker toicon_smile.gif .
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Great looking smoke Jonathan. Some mighty tasty lookin' eats.
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Great lookin' grub ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Now that's a diinner! Congrats on a tasty smoke.
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Great looking grub. Thas some sexy looking chicken.

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I swear I can smell it. My stomach is growlin. I'm tempted to lick the
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Great smoke, looks tasty.
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That is some beautiful bird
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Great lookin' smoke.... it all looks wonderful!!
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Looks great, nice color on them chickens. What did you have in the big ABT'S?
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I just put cream cheese in the bannana peppers, need to work on a good stuffing to put in them for next time though.
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