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I would agree with what everyone else has said, and also add that, to my taste anyway, the Picnic has more of a "Ham like" flavor as opposed to that of a Boston Butt.

I tend to Like BB's a bit better so that is usually what I cook, but Picnic's are very good in their own right as well.

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Well ya'll were right!! it is about impossible to screw up a butt, I just proved it. I pulled it out of the smoker at 205F, wrapped it in towels, put it in a cooler for a couple hours and pulled it at around 10:30pm last night. It lloked great and pulled really nice....might be a little dry but I've got a batch of home made BBQ sauce that will take care of that!!! I didn't take as many pic's as I should have but I have a pre smoke and post pulled one. Thanks to everyone for the advice, cant wait for the next one...thin I'll do one next weekend :)
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Hmmmm, dont know why the pics didn't keeps telling me the pics are to big, anyone know how to make them smaller?
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Got it...only a few pics I know but O-well, will be attempting another smoke next weekend, thanks again to everyone for all the help.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Your hired, even if there is crock pot in the back ground, kinda spishes.

Looks like a success!!
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I am giving him the benifit of doubt, that is the sause pot! Maybe even the holding pot to reheat the left overs. It don't quite look big enough to hold the whole but.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Ouch!!! easy guys was done in the smoker, crock pot was just to keep it warm afterwards, works out well, people come over and just help themselves, add whatever sauce they want and thats it.....sorry about the crock, will be sure not to include it in future posts.
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j/k about the crock pot. i get a kick out of what inadvertently gets in pics,you can usually tell what a guy has been drinken
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Just giving you greif, all in good fun!icon_smile.gif

I have done butts in the crock pot before, no shame, a little greasy....but no shame. The crock pot is like the ultimate set it and forget it machine. I also have a big ole 18 quart electric roaster that I use for like stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbages. It would most likely hold the pulled meat off of four or five regular sized butts, I shure would like to see that thing full of Que!icon_biggrin.gif (I mean as a food warmer while the food is being served of course!)
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Hehe...of course :) last check was there is only about enough left for one sandwich and it's mine, then I'm out....till next weekend, this stuff is addicting!!!
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Zapper, I'll bring a fork
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I have noticed things like that before myself. The full bottles in the back ground with the unopened seals are for "Flash" or "Show". The half empties in the back ground that are neatly stacked are what is most likely in the "Mop". The lidless empties laying next to the riding mower in the photo that has the 30 degree list to the port side and half of a thumb over the lens is the last photo the cook took. The cook laying over the riding mower with the same empty bottles in the back ground are the first that the wife took before starting to disrobe the cook for more blackmail photosicon_evil.gif
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Now thats funny!!!!
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Well now, are'nt you the observationisticon_eek.gif , thats 1/2 the fun of q-veiw, to see who stayed sober enuff to operate the camera
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Good lookin butt Lance, and for future reference, those pic's look like a bone in butt, not a picnic, picnic is the lower part of the leg!!
Nice job!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Got ya, your right it was a bone in, I didn't know there was a I do. I know it's cheap but it sure tastes and pulls mighty fine.
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Nice recovery and dismount Lance. Keep up the good work.

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