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Achmed The Dead Terrorist

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Jeff Dunham and Achmed The Dead Terrorist "Jingle Bombs".
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He's really good icon_lol.gif
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Thanks dawg.....I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.
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yeah.........this guy is the same guy that i have in my sig.
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Achmed is hilarious!!
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Silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Kill You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... Lmao!!!
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for any in the denver area........this dude is going to be there here some time sis and bil have tickets
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OH my Goodness, this guy just cracks me up everytime I see him.
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I digress. I don't think joking about people in occupied countries is a laughing matter, especially since we occupy those countries. Ridiculing the people who are powerless over the corporate-controlled US military, is not a joke. I believe this guy needs new material.

For some reason the Enron and 911 article has been removed from the John Loftus website, as is the Bush-Harriman connection article. I wonder why?
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now, thats a thread killer

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So, where are the mods????
This WHOLE thing needs to go away. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

Let's smoke something.
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