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1st Pork shoulder roast attempt!!

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I bought this 5 pound pork shoulder today for 99 cents/lb. and figured I'd give it a shot. I used brown sugar, paprika, cumin, kosher salt, and pepper for a rub. I used my Weber with the Smokenator 1000 (I'm really loving this thing!!) and cooked it for 7 hours and it turned out GREAT!!! I used mesquite chips every 2 hours along with Wicked Good lump and briquettes. It really made for some AWESOME sandwiches!! Awesome smoke ring too!
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looks good, congrats!
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Look's great.............where's the coleslaw??? wink.gif
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Good looking q. Looks mighty tasty.

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Nice Smoke!!! what did u use for the sauce on the sandwich.
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Looks great, nice smoke.
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Looks good

Looks wonderful and I love that pulled pork!!!!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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On the side, hopefully biggrin.gifwink.gif
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Nice pork but where is cole slaw.
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Nice lookin smoke , congrats PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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So what sauce was it you used on the sammie?
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Good Job, Jonny. And I don't use slaw either ;{)
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That sandwich was for my 12 year old son, he doesn't do slaw. I had slaw with mine though!! I used Jeff's sauce for this, my kids and I like it alot!!
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