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more pics

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Looks like yagot a lil carmelization on the top there, but I can durn near taste the flavor....

POINTS Sir! Well done!
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Good job. Now go back to photobucket and look for the blue link "options" near the upload area and choose 800 x 600 or smaller on image uploads. This will keep us from scrolling right to see all your image.
You can also go to your album of photos and select EDIT and redo it on another upload.

EDIT: I see now you have two photos side by side, or atleast that is what I see. Place your cursor after the first photo link, then hit space bar twice. This should put one on top of the other.
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i have tried that this time it did not work
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Is there a space between the 1st photo link and the second one?
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i never looked i will next time thanks for the input
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